Excitonic Diffusion in Thin Molecular Films

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The analyses of exciton diffusion in thin molecular films have shown that the diagonal elements of the diffusion tensor, usually called diffusion coefficients, depend on the layer index labeling layers in the direction of disturbed symmetry. The particular analysis was done for a thin film having four layers. In this structure only two layers are occupied by optical excitations. It means that in the four layer film two films occur in which optical excitations can travel. The subfilm contains a boundary layer that noticeably differs from the subfilm with internal layers. If the subfilm contains the boundary layer, the diffusion coefficient of this layer differs from the diffusion coefficient of any internal layer. If the subfilm contains two internal layers, the diffusion coefficient of these layers are equal, expectably from the viewpoint of physics. The exciton diffusion is very low due to the high exciton energies.

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