First results for the measurement of double-electron capture of 106Cd in the experiment TGV II*)

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Present status of the experiment TGV II which is devoted to the measurement of double-beta decay of 106Cd is given. The low background spectrometer TGV II is installed in the Modane Underground Laboratory and has been running from February 2005 with approx 10 grams of 106Cd enriched at 75%. After an analysis of 3736 hours of experimental data the new improved half-life limit for 2νEC/EC decay of 106Cd (0g.s.+ → 0g.s.+) is given as T12/2> > 4.8 × 1019 years (90% CL). The search for 2νEC/EC decay of 106Cd to the excited states of 106Pd allows to determine the limits of the half-lives T12/2→(0g.s.+ → 2 1+) > 3.9 × 1019 years (90% CL) and T12/2ν (0 g.s.+ → 0 1+) > 5.8 × 1019 years (90% CL).

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