Quasi-elastic neutrino-nucleus reactions*)

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The quasi-elastic contribution of the nuclear inclusive electron scattering model developed in [A. Gil, J. Nieves, and E. Oset: Nucl. Phys. A 627 (1997) 543] is extended to the study of electroweak charged current induced nuclear reactions at intermediate energies of interest for future neutrino oscillation experiments. The model accounts for long-range nuclear (RPA) correlations, final state interaction and Coulomb corrections. RPA correlations are shown to play a crucial role in the whole range of neutrino energies, up to 500 MeV, studied in this work. Predictions for inclusive muon capture for different nuclei, and for the reactions 12C(νμ, μ)X and 12C(νe, e)X near threshold are also given.

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