Quasi-elastic neutrino-nucleus reactions*)

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The quasi-elastic contribution of the nuclear inclusive electron scattering model developed in [A. Gil, J. Nieves, and E. Oset: Nucl. Phys. A 627 (1997) 543] is extended to the study of electroweak charged current induced nuclear reactions at intermediate energies of interest for future neutrino oscillation experiments. The model accounts for long-range nuclear (RPA) correlations, final state interaction and Coulomb corrections. RPA correlations are shown to play a crucial role in the whole range of neutrino energies, up to 500 MeV, studied in this work. Predictions for inclusive muon capture for different nuclei, and for the reactions 12C(νμ, μ−)X and 12C(νe, e−)X near threshold are also given.

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