SML-Sys: A functional framework with multiple models of computation for modeling heterogeneous system

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System-on-Chip and other complex distributed hardware/software systems contain heterogeneous components. High-level modeling of such systems require frameworks that provide designers with the ability to express concepts of models of computation (MoC)s as modeling constructs. Many system-level modeling frameworks and corresponding modeling notations such as Ptolemy II and SystemC-H facilitate multi-MoC modeling but are based on imperative programming languages (C++, Java, etc). In such frameworks, the computation and communication aspects between the components of models get intertwined thereby hindering its amenability to formal analysis. In this work, we illustrate function-based semantic definitions of MoCs, which are formulated in a functional framework called SML-Sys. We illustrate through a number of examples how to create system models using this functional programming paradigm.

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