Effects of dipeptidyl peptidase IV on the satiety actions of peptide YY

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Dipeptidyl peptidase IV (DP IV) inhibitors are currently being developed to prolong the biological activity of insulinotropic peptides as a novel approach in the treatment of diabetes. We hypothesised that DP IV inhibition could attenuate the satiety actions of peptide YY (PYY) by altering the conversion of PYY(1-36) to PYY(3-36).

Materials and methods

The effects of PYY delivered by osmotic mini-pumps were assessed in rats treated with a DP IV inhibitor and in a rat model deficient in DP IV.


Pharmacological levels of total PYY were found in the circulation after the exogenous administration of PYY(3-36). While both PYY(1-36) and PYY(3-36) reduced food intake in normal rats, PYY(1-36) was ineffective in rats deficient in DP IV. When re-fed after a 24-h fast, DP IV-deficient rats exhibited higher food intake and weight gain than normal rats. Moreover, unlike controls, there was no postprandial increase in PYY levels in DP IV-deficient rats. Despite these findings, administration of a DP IV inhibitor, Pro-boroPro, did not alter the acute anorectic effects of exogenous PYY(1-36) in normal rats. This could be the result of the protection of other appetite regulatory peptides or the generation of PYY(3-36) by remaining DP IV activity or other dipeptidyl peptidases.


Although DP IV inhibition with Pro-boroPro attenuated the generation of PYY(3-36), our results indicate that short-term DP IV inhibition does not eliminate the satiety actions of exogenously administered PYY(1-36) at the doses tested.

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