Markedly Blunted Metabolic Effects of Fructose in Healthy Young Female Subjects Compared With Male Subjects

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To compare the metabolic effects of fructose in healthy male and female subjects.


Fasting metabolic profile and hepatic insulin sensitivity were assessed by means of a hyperglycemic clamp in 16 healthy young male and female subjects after a 6-day fructose overfeeding.


Fructose overfeeding increased fasting triglyceride concentrations by 71 vs. 16% in male vs. female subjects, respectively (P < 0.05). Endogenous glucose production was increased by 12%, alanine aminotransferase concentration was increased by 38%, and fasting insulin concentrations were increased by 14% after fructose overfeeding in male subjects (all P < 0.05) but were not significantly altered in female subjects. Fasting plasma free fatty acids and lipid oxidation were inhibited by fructose in male but not in female subjects.


Short-term fructose overfeeding produces hypertriglyceridemia and hepatic insulin resistance in men, but these effects are markedly blunted in healthy young women.

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