From Death to Health in 30 Days: A Hemochromatosis Case Report

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BackgroundHeredity hemochromatosis (HH) is an underdiagnosed genetic disease that can lead to life-threatening multisystem organ failure. Identifying and treating HH early can prevent the progression of the disease.Case PresentationFor a 60-year-old white patient without obvious symptoms, it was a revelation to discover that he had HH. This patient, although receiving evidence-based care, ultimately required a liver transplant. As his condition deteriorated, the plan for this patient and his family involved working within an interdisciplinary team that included nurse practitioners and intensive care unit nurses.DiscussionThe uniqueness of this case illustrates the crucial role of a health care team that persisted in differentiating the patient’s diagnosis and continued to sustain both physical and emotional care throughout his hospitalization despite a poor prognosis. The patient felt support from this team during the course of his illness, from requiring life-supporting care in intensive care unit to returning home and resuming his normal activities of daily living.

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