PA.32 Stabilisation and Transfer of Sick New-Borns Delivered in Stand-Alone Midwifery Led Units

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Women should be offered the choice of delivering at home, in midwife-led units (MLU) or obstetric units.1 20% of Shropshire mothers choose delivery in an MLU which refer into Shrewsbury and Telford NHS Trust (SaTH) obstetric/neonatal unit for additional care. The West Midlands neonatal transfer service (WMNTS) is not commissioned to transfer babies from MLUs; any transfer required is performed by the MLU midwife and the West Midlands Ambulance Service (WMAS). These staff must be confident in recognising, stabilising and transferring babies requiring a higher level of care at or immediately after delivery.


To develop an educational package for midwives and paramedics caring for sick newborns.


Representatives from midwifery, neonatal care, WMAS and WMNTS met to develop a training package. They were informed by the Scottish Transport Team who deliver a course for their remote maternity units. Support for the project was given by SaTH, WMAS and WMNTS.


A one day programme was delivered at Shrewsbury MLU in December 2013.


16 midwives and 4 paramedics attended the course. All lectures, workshops and simulations were rated as good (20%) or excellent (80%). The course was rated as excellent (95%) or good (5%).

Further developments

Dates are set for three additional courses.

Further developments

All staff supporting stand-alone MLUs will access this training on a two-yearly basis. This programme will be offered to other MLUs in the West Midlands.


National Institute for Clinical Excellence. Intrapartum care. 2007.

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