PB.05 Information and Feedback the key to improving Parental Experience

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Communication, information and support have been shown to be the core of what determines the parental experience. However obtaining feedback from parents to facilitate the measuring and understanding of this experience to improve care, facilities and services has in the past been difficult to obtain.

Within the same neonatal network information about different units and care pathways maybe inconsistent, thus increasing the stress of parents whose babies are transferred between units.

Parents were involved in the initial planning and design of a new phone App which gave information on each of the 8 units within the network, with links for directions, outlining care pathways, links for support groups including support on discharge.

A feedback form is included which is sent directly to a Bliss Family Support Nurse who acknowledges the feedback, the app then generates quarterly reports of all feedback which is shared with units.

This information and feedback app has been a collaborative approach between parents and the neonatal network. It aims to address parents’ need for information around neonatal services, gives providers evidence of parents feedback and insight, and allows the neonatal network to demonstrate that the patient voice is at the heart of service improvements.

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