PC.33 Quality Improvement in use of Vancomycin dosing regimens

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Late onset sepsis (>48 hr of life) in neonates is predominantly caused by coagulase negative staphylococci (CoNS).1 Vancomycin remains the most frequently used antibiotic to treat CoNS sepsis. It is vital to maintain adequate trough [Vancomycin] to achieve its bactericidal activity and prevent emergence of resistance.1 There are different dosing regimens of vancomycin, e.g. intermittent bolus administration (IVanc) and continuous infusion (CVanc) with insufficient evidence to support one over the other.


To determine


IVanc provides the desired therapeutic [Vancomycin] in 30% neonates. Single centre studies have demonstrated the superiority of CVanc over IVanc2 but only a minority of UK NICUs use this regimen. We believe a national consensus is urgently required to direct clinicians towards the optimal dosing regimen of vancomycin.

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