PC.83 Evaluating a Network Based Multi-Professional Neonatal Emergencies Simulation Course

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ObjectiveTo evaluate the usefulness of a network based multi-professional neonatal emergencies team training simulation course on participant’s self-perceived level of confidence in dealing with neonatal emergencies.BackgroundThe development of networks and centralisation of services has decreased the exposure of staff to neonatal emergencies. Following an analysis of patient safety incidents by the London NTS, a neonatal emergencies team training simulation (NETS) course was developed in collaboration with tertiary network centres. Simulation scenarios were designed to use clinical, organisational and communication skills.MethodsFeedback was collected during the course to encourage participant reflection and allow the faculty to evaluate effectiveness and improve future experiences. A self-assessment questionnaire was completed before and after the training using a 5 point scale. Other questions requested open responses which have been categorised. Data from the last five courses has been evaluated in this study.ResultsOver the 5 courses, feedback was collected from 95 participants. The results show a positive trend with an increase in the modal value from 3 to 4 (out of 5) for most categories (Figure 1). Candidates were asked to reflect on their key learning outcomes (Figure 2). 92% participants felt that they could apply what they had learnt in their clinical capacity.DiscussionWe have demonstrated that a network based multi-professional education programme on neonatal emergencies can be delivered using simulation technology. We are currently reviewing our patient safety data to observe any changes in trends and aim to perform a delayer re-evaluation by the participants.

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