PC.103 The prevalence and outcome of chronic lung disease babies in a tertiary neonatal unit

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BackgroundChronic lung disease (CLD) is a major morbidity among extremely low birth babies. It carries with it significant risk of mortality. These babies need additional ongoing medical support whilst on the neonatal unit and at home.AimsTo understand the prevalence and outcomes of CLD cases in a tertiary neonatal unit.MethodsWe analysed the Badger database for all cases of CLD as defined by oxygen requirement at 36 weeks corrected gestational age and looking at their outcome and impact on the neonatal services in the last 3 years.ResultsIn the last 3 years we had 3860 admissions on Badger. Of these babies admitted we had 97 babies with CLD. The data was divided into inborn and outborn babies.ConclusionCLD is a major morbidity among preterm babies. The cases are increasing with increasing survival of extremely preterm babies. Babies with pulmonary hypertension have significantly increased risk of mortality. The increasing demand for home oxygen has implication for paediatric community services.

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