PC.104 A Review of the Neonatal Outreach Community Team Service for babies going home on oxygen

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The British Thoracic Society has outlined the care pathway for infants with chronic lung disease on home oxygen.


To review the service provided to the infants with chronic lung disease going home on oxygen, by the Neonatal Outreach community team (NCOT) at Heart of England NHS Trust.


NCOT patient notes and Badger database were reviewed to evaluate the care provided to babies on home oxygen.


During the 14 month study period, 25 babies on home oxygen were cared for in the community, by NCOT. Their median gestation at birth was 27 weeks (23–36 weeks) and median birth weight was 865 grams (520–3180 grams). The median gestation at discharge was 40 weeks (35–64 weeks) with a median oxygen requirement of 0.1 litres/minute (0.02–0.4 litres/minute). The median number of pre-discharge NCOT contacts was 2 (1–12) and post-discharge contacts 21 (7–36). The median number of post-discharge overnight oxygen saturation studies was 2 (1–7). During the study period, 20 babies came off oxygen with a median post-discharge time of 12 weeks (1–27 weeks). A respiratory syncitial virus vaccination program was successfully completed. The ‘Little Stars’ parents meeting and advisory group run by the NCOT team had excellent feedback.


NCOT have provided an excellent service in the community to babies on home oxygen enabling earlier discharge from neonatal unit whilst appropriately managing oxygen therapy in the community and providing family support and education.

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