PD.05 Neonatal Outcomes for a large Freestanding Midwifery Unit (FMU)

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To determine transfer rates, reasons for transfer and outcomes for babies born at our FMU with nearly 1000 births/year and compare this with available literature.


Retrospective analysis of neonatal transfers from FMU to neonatal unit and postnatal ward from November 2010 to October 2012.


There were 1811 deliveries at the FMU during the specified period with 47 neonatal transfers, giving a transfer rate of 2.5% which is comparable to 3% reported nationally. Respiratory distress and Low birth weight were the two main reasons for transfer.


Adverse neonatal event was defined for the purpose of comparison to national figures as; early neonatal death, encephalopathy, meconium aspiration, brachial plexus injury, fracture clavicle / humerus. Incidence of this was 2.7/1000 births, which is lesser than what has been reported nationally at 4.3/1000. Neonatal mortality rate was 1.1/1000 live births, which is the same as reported nationally (1.1/1000).


With almost 1000 births/year in our FMU, we have seen that our transfer rate for neonatal transfers and perinatal outcome are comparable with available literature. Excellent collaborative working between FMU and Consultant led maternity unit and neonatal team has helped to ensure our FMU provides a very safe and effective service for low risk women.

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