PFM.43 The antenatal detection of serious cardiac anomalies: A retrospective study from UHCW

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All pregnant women are offered an anomaly scan including assessment of fetal cardiac anatomy. Congenital cardiac disease is a complex structural malformation of the heart and/or great arteries requiring surgical/catheter intervention within the first 6 months.1 We reviewed the spectrum of defects diagnosed antenatally at our teaching hospital from 2011–2013 and identified if these were associated with a chromosomal defect, maternal disease, viral infection or a family history of cardiac disease.


Our fetal medicine database was used to identify 31 cases and the case notes to identify outcomes.


Three of our cases had a family history of congenital heart disease, two were associated with maternal diabetes and seven had a chromosomal abnormality. Twelve were diagnosed with HLHS making it the commonest antenatal diagnosis. Significant numbers of chromosomal defects emphasise the importance of thorough evaluation of any fetus identified with a cardiac defect.

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