Intra-abdominal Use of Phosphodiesterase Type 4 Inhibitor in Postoperative Adhesion Prevention: An Experimental Study on Mice

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The study was designed to assess the value of intraperitoneal use of rolipram for adhesion prevention and to compare the results with placebo and a sodium hyaluronate/carboxymethylcellulose absorbable barrier (Seprafilm), in a murine cecal abrasion model.


Twenty-four Balb/c mice were subjects of this study. Intra-abdominal adhesions were created with a multiple-abrasion model consisting of meticulous abrasion of the cecum and small-bowel segments with strokes of a dental toothbrush. Animals in groups R (n = 8) received 1 mL of rolipram intraperitoneally. Seprafilm was placed over the viscera under the incision in group S animals (n = 8). Group C animals (n = 8) were reserved as control and received nothing. Animals were killed on day 22.


The adhesions were evaluated with 2 different observational scoring systems, the Majuzi System and the Linsky Scale. After completion of observational evaluation, the cecum and small bowel of the animals were excised and sent to the pathology laboratory for histopathologic examination. The extent of inflammatory response, the extent of the fibrotic reaction, the extent of the necrosis and abscess formation, and the extent of foreign body reaction were histologically evaluated.


The mean Majuzi System scores of groups R and S were similar to each other and significantly less than control group. Also, all scores of the Linsky Scale in group R were similar to those in group S, and significantly less than those in the control group. Histologically, the mean score of inflammatory response in group R was less than both those in group C and group S. The mean score of fibrotic reaction in group R was significantly less than those in the control group.


These results indicate that rolipram may be an effective material in prevention of postoperative intra-abdominal adhesions, but it is obvious that further studies are needed to validate the results of this limited initial study.

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