Pharmacokinetics of a Prototype Formulation of Sublingual Testosterone and a Buspirone Tablet, Versus an Advanced Combination Tablet of Testosterone and Buspirone in Healthy Premenopausal Women

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The study aimed to compare the kinetics of two novel combination drug products for Female Sexual Interest/Arousal Disorder (FSIAD). Thirteen women received testosterone via the sublingual route followed 2.5 hours later by a buspirone tablet, versus a single combination tablet swallowed at once. The first clinical prototype consisted of a sublingual solution containing testosterone (0.5 mg) complexed with cyclodextrin and a tablet containing 10 mg buspirone, in a gelatin capsule to ensure blinding during the clinical studies. The innovative fixed-combination tablet consists of an inner-core component of 10 mg buspirone coated with a polymeric time-delay coating and an outer polymeric coating containing testosterone with hydroxypropyl-beta cyclodextrin. We observed an immediate testosterone pulse absorption from both formulations. We also demonstrated that there was adequate absorption of buspirone (>80 % relative to the conventional tablet) and a time delay in release of buspirone of 3.3 hours, close to the 3.0 hours of the reference formulation that showed clinical efficacy in early proof-of-principle studies. The newly developed combination tablet fulfils its design criteria and is a convenient tablet for further clinical studies in FSIAD.

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