Nitric Oxide and Antioxidant Defense in Patients with Gastric Cancer

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In the present study, total nitrate and nitrite level (as end product of nitric oxide), superoxide dismutase activity, and glutathione peroxidase activity in leukocytes were determined in patients with gastric cancer, and the relationship between measured parameters and tumor grade were evaluated. Leukocyte nitrate and nitrite level was found to be increased and superoxide dismutase activity was found to be decreased in patients compared to controls. When the patient group was categorized, nitrate and nitrite level was found to be higher in patients with a high-grade tumor than in patients with a grade I tumor. We concluded that an increased level of leukocyte nitrate and nitrite is related to tumor grade in patients with gastric cancer; antioxidant activity is also impaired in these patients but it does not seem to be related to grade of tumor.

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