The staff's view on dementia and the care in three cultures: A qualitative study in France, Portugal and Sweden

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This article discusses the staff's view on dementia and its impact on the care delivered arising out of a qualitative comparative study focusing on long-term care of older people in France, Portugal and Sweden. The aim was to explore the staff's view on the illness dementia; on older people suffering from dementia; the care provided and the impact of various views on the care. The care was studied through observations at 22 care settings in the three countries and the staff's attitudes were explored by means of interviews with 79 people. A relation-oriented phenomenological approach was used. Great differences appeared regarding the various staff groups' views. The findings also indicated that the staff's view; the cultural context and the organizational environment might have an impact on the care provided. However the impact of professional affiliation and the way of collaborating seemed to be of greater significance than other similarities or differences. An interdisciplinary based starting point, with close collaboration between medical based health care and social care of older people suffering from dementia in integrative care models, is therefore of vital importance.

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