Persons with dementia become users of assistive technology: A study of the process

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The aim of this study was to explore actions and driving forces of the actors involved in the process of bringing assistive technology (AT) into the life of a person with dementia. Specific focus is placed on the unfolding transactions and what they led to, and how the AT intervention corresponded to the situation of the person with dementia. Three cases, i.e. three persons with dementia and their significant others (n = 13), were followed using case methodology and grounded theory. The findings show how doing the right thing was the main driving force, although sometimes a source of conflict between actors. The actors' views differed in many aspects, influencing the choice of problem and selected AT solution as well as the role of the AT and how it was placed and adjusted. A potential risk scenario was also identified, exemplifying how profoundly the view of the one who had decision power influenced the process.

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