Internal root resorption studied by radiography, stereomicroscope, scanning electron microscope and computerized 3D reconstructive method

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Aim and methologyTwo cases of internal tooth resorption were examined. A mandibular premolar and a mandibular canine were studied after they were extracted using radiographs, a stereomicroscope (SM) and a scanning electron microscope (SEM). Lastly, 3D images of the sectioned teeth were obtained(3D).ResultsRadiographically, internal root resorption was shown as a uniform radiolucency. By SM examination, an extensive destruction of dentin was seen, while, by SEM examination, a disappearance of dentinal tubules was clear. The 3D reconstructive method revealed a circumscribed, oval-shaped defect that did not perforate the cemental layer.ConclusionsInternal root resorption is a rare remodeling process that can be studied using different experimental methods.

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