A technique using resin composite with orthodontic wire to replace a missing tooth rapidly

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A missing incisor or premolar tooth that requires a quick functional and esthetic repair, such as the case of tooth loss caused by trauma needs quick conservative treatment to maintain sound abutment teeth. The use of resin composite for direct fixed partial denture (FPD) can reduce problems associated with metal substructures, such as esthetic limitations and preparation of abutment teeth. However, mechanical failure of direct FPD often occurs because of design limitations and poor fabrication. This case report describes a direct resin composite FPD combined with an orthodontic wire framework. A small enamel dimple was prepared below the contact area, and a U-shaped wire was formed and positioned in the prepared enamel dimples and bonded with resin cements. An alloy primer was applied to the surface of the wire, which was coated with adhesive resin and veneered with resin composite. The finishing of the margins and final polishing were completed a week after insertion. The FPD was contoured using fine composite diamond finishing burs and polished with silicone points. The combination of the U-shaped wire and an enamel dimple below the contact area has shown good results over a period of more than 12 months in these two cases.

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