Changed policy for manuscripts in epidemiology

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In the past decades, quite a few manuscripts of epidemiological studies have reached us with basic epidemiological data from various places in the world. It has been very interesting to learn over the years that the injury pattern for oral injuries is often similar regardless of where it happens. We already know that, for example, the central maxillary incisors are most commonly affected regardless of where the study is carried out and we do not need more information about this for our international readers. Instead such manuscripts can preferably in the future be submitted to local journals. Now we have to go forward and our journal will from now be restrictive in accepting epidemiological articles with basic data that do not present new findings of international interest. Instead we are asking for studies repeated over time to detect trend shifts, comparisons between different countries or societies with a specific research question, identification of risk factors and effects of prevention and implementation. Moreover, there is also a need for epidemiological studies to assess injury patterns, risks, trends and prevention in different sports. By announcing this policy, I hope we can take another step forward in development the coming years.

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