A Retrospective Study of Aimed Patch Testing With Aqueous Nickel Sulfate Hexahydrate at 30% and 15% in Patients With Dermatitis

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BackgroundSometimes, patients with a history of metal intolerance react negatively or doubtfully to nickel at patch testing.ObjectiveThe aim of the study was to investigate whether aqueous nickel sulfate hexahydrate at 15% and 30% traces more contact allergy than the nickel preparation in the baseline series at 5%.MethodsIn the period 1995–2015, more than 800 of 16,059 patients with a negative or doubtful patch test reaction to the petrolatum preparation of nickel at 5% on the day 3 reading were additionally tested with aqueous nickel at 15% and/or 30%.ConclusionsIn this retrospective study with aimed patch testing with aqueous nickel solutions, significantly more (P < 0.001) contact allergy was obtained as compared with the 5% preparation in petrolatum. The 30% solution was significantly better (P < 0.001) than the 15% solution. To demonstrate that patch testing with nickel at 15% or 30% is better than the present testing with 5% requires simultaneous testing with the 3 nickel preparations.

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