A Study of the Competency of the Saphenopopliteal Junction by Duplex Ultrasonography

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Objective determination of saphenopopliteal junction incompetency has eluded surgeons for many years. With the advent of duplex ultrasonography incompetency of the saphenopopliteal junction can be determined with an acceptable degree of clinical certitude.


This study was undertaken in order to determine the accuracy of duplex ultrasonography in studying the competency of the saphenopopliteal junction.


A total of 50 patients were included in the study, and the saphenopopliteal junction was studied bilaterally in each patient. The Biosound Phase II Duplex Ultrasound System with a 7.5-mHz B-mode imaging was used.


The degree of accuracy of ascertaining the competency of the saphenopopliteal junction was approximately 96%.


This test is reliable, and provides helpful information to the clinician.

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