Raising Eyebrows with Botulinum Toxin

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Brow elevation rejuvenates the facial appearance.


To determine if a significant degree of brow elevation could be achieved through selective botulinum toxin treatment of brow depressors.


Seven women aged 31–42 (mean 37) years old were treated. The distance from lowest eyebrow cilium of the eyebrow to the midpupillary point was measured before and 1 month posttreatment. Botulinum toxin was injected into the glabellar area (7–10U) and the supralateral eyebrow (0–2.5U each side), to a total dose of 10–14 U.


Five individuals (71%) showed brow elevation of 1–3 mm with a mean elevation of 1 mm. Two individuals showed no change. Concurrent weakening of the frown response was noted in all patients.


Botulinum toxin treatment of brow depressors produces a small degree of brow elevation in the majority of patients.

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