Diameter Reduction of the Proximal Long Saphenous Vein after Ablation of a Distal Incompetent Tributary

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In this study, we measured the diameter of the competent long saphenous vein proximally and distally to the anastomosis of an isolated incompetent tributary in 12 patients. Measurements were made both before and 30–45 days after surgical removal of the tributary. The preoperative diameter of the saphenous vein proximal to the anastomosis was greater than distally. The difference between proximal and distal to the tributary veins sections diminished from 1.59 mm to 0.39 mm after surgical removal of the tributary alone.

This phenomenon may be compared with other hemodynamic occurrences between the superficial and deep system. The incompetence of a tributary induces a proximal dilatation of the long saphenous vein. The isolated ablation of an insufficient tributary appears to be a useful measure to prevent degeneration of greater saphenous vein function as this procedure reduces the saphenous diameter.

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