Nail Surgery Among Mohs Surgeons: Prevalence, Safety, and Practice Patterns

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Among US dermatologists, Mohs surgeons perform most of the nail surgeries. The specific practice patterns and safety precautions have not been formally studied.


To study the practice patterns, safety precautions, and complications of this group when performing nail surgery.


A survey was sent electronically to all members of the American College of Mohs Surgery Listserv. The survey evaluated the demographics of the surgeons, the types of surgery performed, the techniques for obtaining a bloodless field, and complications.


Those surgeons who performed more procedures in training tended to continue that practice and performed more surgeries when in practice, as did surgeons with greater time since completing fellowship. Complications were rare.


The data herein support that nail surgeries performed by Mohs surgeons are safe, with minimal complications, despite a broad range of approaches to obtaining a bloodless field and with a variety of procedures performed.

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