Photodynamic Therapy: A Clinical Consensus Guide

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The American Society of Dermatologic Surgery (ASDS) periodically develops consensus documents for its members concerning various aspects of dermatologic surgery. Advances in photodynamic therapy (PDT) have been many and PDT use has been established in a variety of skin conditions.


The ASDS board of directors proposed a committee of experts in the field to develop consensus documents on different treatments. An expert panel reviewed the literature on PDT and discussed the findings. The consensus was reached with evidence-based recommendations on different clinical applications for PDT.


This consensus document includes discussions regarding PDT, including different photosensitizers and various light source activators, historical perspective, mechanism of action, various therapeutic indications and expected outcomes, pre- and post-care, and management of adverse outcomes.


Photodynamic therapy is highly effective for pre-cancerous lesions, superficial nonmelanoma skin cancers, inflammatory acne vulgaris and other conditions. New protocols including laser mediated PDT significantly improve results for several indications.


The ASDS consensus document on PDT will be helpful for educating members on safe and effective PDT for a variety of indications.

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