The Nasal Tip Rotation Flap for Reconstruction of the Lateral Nasal Tip, Anterior Ala, and Soft Triangle: The Authors' Experience With 55 Patients

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BACKGROUNDDefects of the lateral nasal tip, anterior ala, and soft triangle subunits lack reconstructive options that are consistently satisfactory. For such defects, the novel anterior-based nasal tip rotation flap provides functional and aesthetic results in a single operative session.OBJECTIVETo describe the authors' experience with the nasal tip rotation flap, including patient selection and design modifications to enhance aesthetic success.METHODSAn IRB-approved retrospective database review of nasal tip rotation flap repairs was performed at the Medical University of South Carolina and Stanford University Medical Center. The design and surgical technique of this flap are described and illustrated, emphasizing factors such as nasal shape and defect location in modifying flap design.RESULTSThe nasal tip rotation is a single-stage, local flap that provides optimal tissue match with recapitulation of the native topography of the nasal tip and incision lines that are well hidden at the junction of cosmetic subunits. The mechanics of the flap distribute closure tension widely across the alar rim without focal notching or airway compromise.CONCLUSIONThe nasal tip rotation flap is a reliable, cosmetically elegant repair that fills a gap in the reconstructive options for anterior ala and soft triangle defects on the nose.

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