Triple Combination Therapy for Pincer Nail Deformity: Surgical Matricectomy, Thioglycolic Acid, and Anticonvex Sutures

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Pincer nail deformity (PND) is characterized by an excessive transverse curvature of the nail plate that increases along the longitudinal axis of the nail. Although many conservative and surgical techniques have been used in clinical practice, an established consensus for the correction of PND has not been present yet.


Aim of the technique described in this article is to provide to restore the suitable nail-matrix system curvature by a simplified and quick approach, which could be seen as a synthesis of conservative and surgical treatments described in the literature.


Nineteen cases of pincer nail of the great toe in 14 patients were analyzed. After softening nail plate with 5% thioglycolic acid solution for at least half an hour, surgical bilateral matricectomy and 2 anticonvex sutures with 1-0 polypropylene were performed to ensure proper nail plate shape. Besides demographic data, visual analog scale (VAS) score for pain, width index, height index, patient and surgeon satisfaction scores, operation time, and the day of painless return to the daily activities were investigated.


A statistical significance was observed in VAS score for pain, width, and height indices between preoperative and postoperative values.


This report gives acceptable outcomes with a combination of surgery and conservative treatments.

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