Punctuated 88% Phenol Peeling for the Treatment of Facial Photoaging: A Clinical and Histopathological Study

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BACKGROUNDPhenol peeling is considered an important agent in the treatment of facial rejuvenation; however, its use has limitations due to its high potential for side effects.OBJECTIVEThis article proposes a new peeling application technique for the treatment of photoaging, aiming to evaluate, clinically and histopathologically, the efficacy of a new way of applying 88% phenol, using a punctuated pattern.METHODSThe procedure was performed in an outpatient setting, with female patients, on static wrinkles and high flaccidity areas of the face. Accompanying photographs and skin samples were taken for histopathological analysis before and after treatment.RESULTSIt was shown that 88% phenol applied topically using a punctuated technique is effective in skin rejuvenation.CONCLUSIONThe authors thus suggest, based on this new proposal, that further studies be conducted with a larger group of patients to better elucidate the action mechanisms of 88% phenol. This new form of application considerably reduced patients' withdrawal from their regular activities, besides reducing the cost, compared with the conventional procedure.

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