Ingenol mebutate gel for the treatment of Bowen's disease: a case report of three patients

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We report three Bowen's disease (BD) cases treated with ingenol mebutate (IM), a novel topical chemotherapeutic agent approved for the treatment of actinic keratosis (AK) that is available in two doses: 0.015% and 0.05%. Three women diagnosed with BD exhibited a positive response after 2 or 3 day period of IM treatment, depending on lesion location. In the three cases, clinical resolution was observed 4 or 9 weeks posttreatment, and was confirmed with histopathology. Local skin reactions were common the first week after treatment but they resolved spontaneously. In our opinion these cases, along with another case reported in Germany, support the concept of commencing of clinical trials using IM on patients with BD.

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