Involvement of PGRP-SC2 fromArtemia sinicain the innate immune response against bacteria and expression pattern at different developmental stages

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Peptidoglycan-recognition protein-SC2 precursor-like protein (PGRP-SC2) is a vital protein in innate immunity with a vita role in response to bacteria challenge in invertebrates. Here, a 678-bp full-length cDNA of pgrp-sc2 from A. sinica was obtained containing a 558-bp open reading frame encoding 185 amino acids with a calculated molecular mass of 19.6 kDa. The predicted protein contains a PGRP and an Amidase2 domain, indicating that PGRP-SC2 is a PGRP family member and has N-acetylmuramoyl-l-alanine amidase activity. The expression and localization of pgrp-sc2/PGRP-SC2 in A.sinica during embryonic development and bacterial challenge were determined by qPCR, WB and ISH. During different A. sinica embryonic development stages, the expression level of pgrp-sc2/PGRP-SC2 was most highly expressed at 0 and 5 h and after challenge by Gram-positive bacteria, it increased with increasing bacterial concentrations, indicating that it plays a vital role in A. sinica early embryonic development and innate immunity.

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