Inducible microRNA-122 modulates RIG-I signaling pathway via targeting DAK in miiuy croaker after poly(I:C) stimulation

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MicroRNA-122 (miR-122) was originally identified in mouse and then lots of researches on miR-122 had been performed in mammals. However, the functional study of miR-122 were restricted in fish. In miiuy croaker, miR-122 is sensitive to poly(I:C) stimulation. In this study, a combination of bioinformatics and experimental techniques were used to investigate the functions of miR-122. DAK is a putative target gene of miR-122 which was predicted by bioinformatics, and further the luciferase reporter assays were used to confirm the target sites in DAK 3'untranslated region. The inhibiting effect of miR-122 mimics or pre-miR-122 on DAK presented the dose and time dependent manners, and the pre-miR-122 showed stronger inhibiting effect on DAK than the miR-122 mimics. Therefore, the miR-122 participate in regulating RIG-I-like receptors signaling pathway via inhibiting DAK which is the inhibitors of MDA5. The expression of miR-122 and DAK showed negative relationship in both miiuy croaker spleen and macrophages, which imply that miR-122 may regulate DAK at the post-transcriptional level. These results will enhance our understanding about the regulation of miRNAs on immune response in fish.

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