The receptor for activated C kinase 1 (RACK1) mediating immune response in thick shell musselMytilus coruscus

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The receptor for activated C kinase 1 (RACK1) is a intracellular receptor for the protein kinase C family which mediates various biological processes. Here, a novel RACK1 gene termed Mc-RACK1 was identified from thick shell mussel, Mytilus coruscus. Mc-RACK1 shared typical RACK1 domains containing WD repeats, PKC phosphorylation sites, N-myristoylation sites, PKC activation sites, TK phosphorylation site and WD motifs. Mc-RACK1 was constitutively expressed in all examined tissues, and its expression in gills, haemocytes and digestive glands were significantly up-regulated upon LPS challenge. Mc-RACK1 showed a significantly down-regulated expression in gills and haemocytes at the early phase upon copper exposure. Mc-RACK1 in haemocytes was silenced after receiving its dsRNA, meanwhile, the increases of SOD and CAT activity were investigated. Further, Mc-RACK1 could activate the NF-κB and ISRE reporter in HEK-293T cells. These suggested that Mc-RACK1 had a deeper involvement in mollusc immunity, and played an important role in antioxidant system.

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