Postpartum Education: A Pilot Study of Pediatric and Maternal Perceptions

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The postpartum period represents a time when families need and are most receptive to both support and factual information concerning the care and well-being of their infant. This pilot study explored and compared informational issues that mothers and health care providers considered essential to pediatricians' postpartum discussions with parents. Mothers (N = 25), pediatricians (N = 15), pediatric residents (N = 12), and nurses (N = 20) assigned rankings to informational issues generated by their respective peers. Although there were some congruencies, consumer and provider expectations and priorities did not always coincide. In addition, observations of 14 postpartum conseling sessions revealed discrepancies between pediatricians' stated priorties and actual interview content. It is suggested that the priorities found in this study can be used in developing a curriculum for residents and students in the area of postpartum education and counseling.

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