Regulatory system for the G1-arrest during neuronal development inDrosophila

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Neuronal network consists of many types of neuron and glial cells. This diversity is guaranteed by the constant cell proliferation of neuronal stem cells following stop cell cycle re-entry, which leads to differentiation during development. Neuronal differentiation occurs mainly at the specific cell cycle phase, the G1 phase. Therefore, cell cycle exit at the G1 phase is quite an important issue in understanding the process of neuronal cell development. Recent studies have revealed that aberrant S phase re-entry from the G1 phase often links cellular survival. In this review we discuss the different types of G1 arrest on the process of neuronal development in Drosophila. We also describe the issue that aberrant S phase entry often causes apoptosis, and the same mechanism might contribute to sensory organ defects, such as deafness.

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