Evolution in the Chinese Diabetes Society Standards of Care for Type 2 Diabetes

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China has been experiencing the biggest shift in the world in diabetes and obesity epidemic over the past three decades. Chinese Diabetes Society developed and published four editions of stand of care for type 2 diabetes management as clinical guidance for practice in China in the last twelve years. During the development and implementation of guidelines, the keyword is ‘evolution’, which includes evolution of evidence, expertise, excellence and endpoints. It will be a complete quality improvement cycle starting with ‘understanding the situation’ and ending with ‘tipping points of diabetes in primary prevention (prevalence), secondary prevention (diabetic complications) and tertiary prevention (diabetes-related death)’. This series of ‘Stand of care for type 2 diabetes’ allows for a fundamental understanding into the ways in which the domino effects of the epidemic could be curbed. More work for doing with ‘Mens et Manus’ will be carried out in the near future. This English version will be useful for the international scientific community to glean insights into type 2 diabetes management practices in China, and alternative methods of tackling challenges. © 2016 The Authors. Diabetes/Metabolism Research and Reviews Published by John Wiley & Sons Ltd.

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