The complexity of non-enzymatic glycation product sets of human globins

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Aims/hypothesisRecently an individual variability in the relationships between mean blood glucose levels and HbA1c has been observed among diabetic patients. The aim of this study was to provide an accurate description and evaluation of glycated and glyco-oxidated globins from diabetic subjects and their relationship with HbA1c and plasma glucose values.MethodsWe studied 20 Type 2 diabetic and 10 healthy subjects. Plasma samples were analysed by matrix-assisted laser desorption ionisation mass spectrometry.ResultsThe presence of glycated and glyco-oxidated species of both α and β globin was demonstrated. Values for these showed a good linear relationship with HbA1c values and the mean daily plasma glucose values for the 6 weeks preceding the investigation. Trends differed according to whether patients had chronic complications or not, differences being seen in the slopes of the plots relating HbA1c to the abundance of glycated and glyco-oxidated species.Conclusions/interpretationThe data obtained are consistent with the concept that individuals have a different individual proclivity for oxidation and/or that different oxidation kinetics are related to behavioural and environmental factors. Our data are thus relevant to the analysis of phenotype differences in diabetic patients.

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