Primary Vascular Neoplasms Unique to the Spleen: Littoral Cell Angioma and Splenic Hamartoma Diagnosis by Fine-Needle Aspiration Biopsy

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We report the fine-needle aspiration (FNA) biopsy diagnosis of two rare cases of primary vascular neoplasms unique to the spleen: a littoral cell angioma from a 31-yr-old Caucasian woman and a splenic hamartoma from a 46-yr-old black man. The cytologic features of splenic hamartoma and of littoral cell angioma of the spleen were described three times in cytologic literature: two were bench-top aspirates and one was FNA biopsy thought to be metastatic carcinoma. To the best of our knowledge, the current two cases were the first diagnosed by FNA biopsy. Our approach to the FNA biopsy diagnosis of these rare vascular neoplasms via compact cell block and immunohistochemistry is described. The differential diagnosis with other primary vascular splenic neoplasms is also discussed.

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