Diabetes Management in Adolescents in Poor Metabolic Control

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this study was conducted to describe and compare adolescent and parent report of diabetes management and to identify racial/ethnic differences in diabetes management and metabolic control in adolescents in poor metabolic control.


The convenience sample consisted of 31 mother-adolescent dyads. Diabetes management was measured by the Diabetes Management Scale. Descriptive statistics, bivariate correlations, and t-tests were used to analyze the data.


The overall mean of individual management activities was 66% for adolescents and 68% for mothers. Mismanagement of insulin was reported by 25%of the adolescents yet this behavior was supervised only 65% of the time. Better metabolic control was related to eating 3 meals a day, getting insulin every day, and more assistance with meals. African American adolescents were in poorer metabolic control than European Americans.


Diabetes management behaviors are performed much less frequently than recommended by adolescents and their mothers. Additional research is necessary to identify modifiable factors that contribute to inadequate diabetes management to identify intervention strategies to improve diabetes management in adolescents with poor metabolic control.

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