Strategies for Sustained Weight Management: Perspectives From African American Patients With Type 2 Diabetes

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PurposeThe purpose of this study was to identify effective strategies for sustained weight management used by African American patients with obesity and type 2 diabetes.MethodsIn this study, nominal group technique was used to identify effective strategies for weight management used by 12 African Americans with overweight/obesity and type 2 diabetes who successfully lost or maintained their weight after completing DECIDE (Decision-making Education for Choices In Diabetes Everyday), a 9-module, literacy-adapted diabetes and cardiovascular disease (CVD) education and problem-solving training program.ResultsParticipants generated a list of 101 strategies that covered 4 domains: nutrition, physical activity, cognitive-behavioral strategies, and other. Self-monitoring and relying on social support were the top 2 strategies for weight maintenance.ConclusionFuture obesity studies should consider including friends/family as well as electronic tools to facilitate self-monitoring and regular practice of behavioral strategies for long-term success.

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