Acute therapy with intravenous omeprazole on caustic esophageal injury: a prospective case series

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The ingestion of caustic substances may result in significant esophageal injury. There is no standard treatment protochol for esophageal injury and most patients are treated with a proton pump inhibitor or H2 antagonist. However, there is no clinical study evaluating the efficacy of omeprazole for caustic esophageal injury. A prospective study of 13 adult patients (>18 years of age) who were admitted to our hospital for caustic ingestion between May 2010 and June 2010 was conducted. Mucosal damage was graded using a modified endoscopic classification described by Zargaret al. Patients were treated with a proton pump inhibitor and maintained without oral intake until their condition was considered stable. Patients received omeprazole 80 mg in bolus IV, followed by continuous infusion of 8 mg/hour for 72 hours. A control endoscopy was performed 72 hours after admission. There was significant difference regarding endoscopic healing between the before and after omeprazole infusion (P= 0.004). There was no hospital mortality at the follow-up. Omeprazole may effectively be used in the acute phase treatment of caustic esophagus injuries.

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