Changes of the sphincter of Oddi motility in dog after cholecystectomy

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OBJECTIVE:To determine the effect of cholecystectomy on the motility of the sphincter of Oddi (SO).METHODS:Pressures of common bile duct (CBD), SO motility and its response to bolus injections of cholecystokinin (CCK, 20 ng/kg and 100 ng/kg) were detected respectively by manometry in eight Beagle dogs before and after cholecystectomy.RESULTS:After cholecystectomy the CBD pressure increased 2.18 ± 1.86 mmHg, while the cyclical motion pattern of SO still existed but with a shortened cycle duration. The basal pressure (BP), phasic contraction amplitude (PCA), phasic contraction frequency (PCF) and its mode of propagation did not change significantly. Under the stimulation of CCK after cholecystectomy, although the motion patterns of SO were similar to those before cholecystectomy, the greatest inhibitory efficacy of BP and PCA all decreased with the prolonged excitement duration and the increased percentage of retrograde contraction.CONCLUSIONS:Shortly after a cholecystectomy in Beagle dogs, the CBD pressure increased, SO motilities did not change significantly during the interdigestive phase except with a shortened cycle duration. Its relaxation responded to CCK was weakened with a confused contraction pattern.

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