Caudate Lobectomy Combined with Resection of the Inferior Vena cava and Its Reconstruction by a Pericardial Autograft Patch

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A 53-year-old woman with remnant liver metastasis originating from colon cancer was referred to our department. She underwent successful caudate lobectomy combined with resection of the inferior vena cava (IVC), including reconstruction with a pericardial autograft patch. IVC clamping was performed between the IVC below the confluence of the left hepatic vein and the infrahepatic IVC in order to preserve the hepatic circulation. After 18 months, the graft was patent and there was no sign of recurrence. A part of the pericardium used as an autograft for patch repair of the defect of the IVC was very useful because it was easily available, required only division of the diaphragm, and was of sufficient length and width.

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