Ileocecal Valve-Preserving Ileostomy after Total Proctocolectomy - A Novel Technique for Ileostomy

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Background:Although ileoanal anastomosis has become popular for ulcerative colitis, in an emergency situation patients must undergo ileostomy.Aim:A novel ileocecal valve-preserving ileostomy procedure was devised to reduce high output liquid loss.Method:After total colectomy, the ascending colon was clamped and the terminal ileum and ileocecal valve were isolated from the cecum by dissection. The ileum was then brought out through a conventional ileostomy opening in the abdominal wall.Results:Two patients with ulcerative colitis underwent ileostomy in this fashion. The stool became solid within 1 week after the start of solid food and their body weight increased by more than 10% 1 year after surgery.Conclusion:This novel procedure may result in an improvement in the quality of life of patients who undergo total proctocolectomy.

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