Short-Term Clinical and Oncological Outcomes after Single-Incision Plus One Port Laparoscopic Anterior Resection for Rectal Cancer

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Aim: In the past, we developed and reported single-incision plus one port laparoscopic anterior resection (SILS + 1-AR) of the rectum. In this study, we reviewed our experiences with 141 consecutive patients admitted in a community hospital for undergoing SILS + 1-AR for rectal cancer and evaluated the short-term clinical and oncological outcomes. Methods: A lap protector (LP) was inserted through a 2.5 cm transumbilical incision; an EZ-access was mounted to the LP and three 5-mm ports were placed. A 12-mm port was inserted in the right lower quadrant. Results: One hundred thirty-six patients (96.5%) completed their treatment with SILA+1-AR. The number of tumor locations in the rectosigmoid, rectum area above the peritoneal reflection (Ra), and rectum area below the peritoneal reflection (Rb) were 44, 63, and 29 respectively. Six (5.6%) tumor recurrences or metastasis occurred in 107 patients with stages I-III disease with a median follow-up of 30 months. One patient with a positive surgical margin rejected additional resection of the positive margin and died of recurrent disease. Conclusion: Our initial experiences suggested that SILS + 1-AR is a feasible and a safe treatment option for rectal cancer patients treated by experienced surgeons specialized in SILS. However, further studies are needed to demonstrate the advantages of this procedure compared to the benefits of conventional laparoscopic AR.

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