Reappraisal of the Inferior Right Hepatic Vein Preserving Liver Resection

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To resect tumors infiltrating to the right hepatic vein at its root, right hemihepatectomy or that following portal vein embolization (PVE) is applied. If the IRHV is sizable, the IRHV preserving liver resection can be another option.


Between 1994 and 2007, the IRHV preserving liver resection was performed in 21 patients (IRHV group). The short-term outcomes after surgery of them p.


There were no mortality and no significant difference between the IRHV and RH groups concerning the blood loss, the morbidity rates and the duration of hospital stay. The median operation time was shorter in the IRHV group than in the RH group (393 vs. 480 min, p = 0.0409). The median weight of resected specimen of the IRHV group was 293 g (range: 20-982), which was significantly lighter than that of the RH group (median: 680 g [250-4,300], p < 0.001). The median percentage of resected volume to standard liver volume was significantly smaller in the IRHV group than in the RH group (25.8 vs. 52.2%, p < 0.001).


The IRHV preserving liver resection remains a safe and useful procedure.

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